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Opera Vision

Infor Query & Analysis is a Microsoft Excel Plug-in that provides the user with an interface into the Opera Database.  This interface, known as a serduct translates the Opera tables and columns into user friendly names.  Users can create detail or summary queries in real time from the Opera Data.  Cadenza has years of experience working with both Opera data and Infor Query & Analysis.

What we do

We provide installation, support and training services for Opera Vision now known as Infor Query & Analysis.  Having worked with Opera Vision since its inception in 2002, Cadenza can assist you in setting up new workstations, troubleshooting connection issues.  designing and creation of reports for you.

Know How

One of the fundamentals of report writing is understanding the data.  Not alone do we understand the Opera data but we understand the Vision Product and how it integrates with Opera.  We understand the limitations and capabilities.  This means we can get things done faster.


One of the greatest issues people have using Opera Vision is the report speed.  There are many reasons for this but primarily Vision is being overworked by how Opera allows it to query data.  There are ways around this so that very complex reports will run in seconds and not minutes/hours.

Multi Property Reporting

Do you have Opera PMS/S&C installed in a single multi property database or single Opera databases in different locations.  No problem – use vision to dynamically link to each database and extract and report on the data you need into one single report.

Report Design

Reporting doesn’t have to be just about lists of data.  Reporting can be visual pleasing and informative at the same time.  Excel is the worlds most powerful reporting tool.  Vision allows you to exploit this functionality.  Provide Year on Year vs Budget or Forecast, KPIs, Graphics, Interactive reporting all automated.


Using Vision Alert is easy and robust once its configured correctly.  Cadenza can assist in setup, configuration and support of your reports so they land in your inbox at a frequency of your liking.  Generate xls or csv files to provide to 3rd parties.

Note:  Cadenza does not sell Infor Query & Analysis.  Cadenza does not have any commercial or non commercial agreement with Oracle or Infor.  Your commercial agreement must be maintained through Oracle.